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We didn't enjoy travel planning the way it was...
Vacation building can be simpler
We are explorers that love discovering new places, tasting new flavours and forging memorable experiences. However, travel planning is not always fun where there is an overwhelming amount of information, and just so little time to create a plan that makes sense. Say hello to the Holicay marketplace that connects you to local travel planners that can advise you to build the next dream vacation. Our technology lets you explore and buy experiences made by others and customize them to make them uniquely yours.
Decentralizing travel content for all
Travel is about the community and we want to help people share hidden gems about places to go and see. Our team believes that each of us has something unique to share and give back to the community that helped make travel what it is today. The future of travel content will be decentralised and comprised of curated experiences rather than random inventory packed together. Build itineraries, share experiences and earn money for your next vacation.
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